Social Media Marketing


Channel Management

Channel Management is a real-time activity. Our team works 24/7 to ensure timely updates and effective moderation across all your channels. As your Channel Manager we will ensure.

  • Relevant status updates are timely posted on all your fan pages and social media accounts
  • The social media communication is in line with your brand’s strategies
  • Conducting interactive polls and surveys
  • Constantly monitoring the activity of users or fans on your Social Media Pages
  • Moderating the comments posted by the users and fans, which may be unfavorable for the brand
  • Re-commenting and replying on the comments of the fans and users wherever required
  • Moderating any derogatory or abusive content uploaded by the users

Online Reputation Management

An effective online reputation management is a combination of multiple techniques. Some of which are:

  • Press releases
  • Blogging
  • A positive engagement on social media websites
  • Guest posts on influential blogs and more