Database Marketing Services

Direct Web Advertising believes in true permission-based email marketing. The first step in our Opt-in process occurs when a subscriber joins our network and provides us with their demographics and areas of interest, The second step is to send a confirmation email, providing the subscriber with the opportunity to remove their name from our subscriber list, confirming that the subscriber truly wants to receive the pertaining subject matter. The final step is when we confirm the authenticity of the record by matching it against Direct Web Advertising’s in-house file of over 75 millionpermission-based emails and over 2 million postal records. This tool allows us to verify each record’s authenticity and append a vast amount of demographic and lifestyle data to each record. Please review our section on database list rental for more specific categories.


 Data Sales
 Data Enhancements
 African American | Email & Postal
 Automotive | Email & Postal
 B2C & B2B International | Email
 Contextual CPC
 Health | Postal
 Outdoors | Email & Postal
 Financial Investors | Email & Postal
 Loan Modification Leads
 Credit Card Debt Lead